Here’s the thing

I haven’t been on here in a while.

I have my reasons.

They are good. I promise.

My life took a nosedive, and every time I thought I was coming up for air, I’d dive once again.

But finally, we are on the up and up.

I have a new job. I love it. I’m seeing someone. He’s pretty awesome.

I stay busy. I stay mad. I stay angry. I don’t like what my ex did to me. I don’t like how I think of myself now.

I was completely lost. And I am more determined than ever to find out who I am again.

Anyways, I don’t want to make this all emotional and stuff. But I will be coming back regularly again.

I don’t know how regularly, but regularly…



What was suppose to be me taking a little break from the blog for the holidays, seriously it was only suppose to be Christmas and New Years, became a few months. For this I am sorry. But really I am not. I got busy with work, my case load increased dramatically so my free time became less. I finally have a handle on it, for the most part at least.

I could lie and say I’ve done a thousand things during my absence. But I haven’t really. I have worked a lot, moved into our own place, and did I mention work? We did got on an mini-adventure at the bottom of the Sandia Mountains for Valentine’s Day. We went up there with our dog and hiked down a little, found a boulder that would climbed on top of and watched the sunset.

I have seen further south and west of ABQ now too, thank you work for that one. And we have eaten at a few different places now too. But that is really it.

it is so easy to get caught up in a routine, or in your own little world. I do it all the time and I know it’s what happened this time, like it tends to do.

So I am going to try to work on that, widening my little world some. That will include this. And working out.

It’s all I have for now, but I am full of ideas for posts so I will return again soon!

Red or Green

It’s been another week since I’ve posted. I have been working, what feels, none stop. I am going to have to put in my blog as part of my daily schedule in my planner. I’m not joking, I will do this.

We have been here in New Mexico for a month now. It snowed here our first Sunday, and now, a month later, it is snowing again! Yay!

One thing I have to talk about, and will probably talk about again, is the food.

I love Mexican food, or so I thought. I had a favorite Mexican spot back home, but would eat and any in town. I didn’t care, I liked Mexican food.

I get out here and we go eat at a “real” Mexican restaurant. The family here tries to tell me “Since you’ve never had chile before, you may want to get it on the side instead of inside or on top of your food. It’s a flavor that you acclimate to.” I did not pay any attention to this and got a burrito, smothered in cheese sauce and green chile. It was…. delicious.

I have been lied to, my whole life, about Mexican food. Don’t get me wrong, still love my place back home, but there is no green or red chile on those burritos! Not saying that the chile makes or breaks the food, but it definitely adds something to it. I have eaten some sort of taco, burrito, enchilada, sopapilla, almost everyday since I’ve been here. ย This is not a bad thing. My tummy has never been happier.

Okay maybe it has been. But I’m happy, that’s what matters now.

And it’s not just the Mexican and New Mexican places that have red and green on hand.

I went to grab a burger at Blake’s Lotaburger. They ask about my toppings, what I wanted, didn’t want, and what to add (bacon, cheese? anyone?). Then at the very end, he asks “red or green?”

Thankfully, I’ve been here long enough, have ordered, and heard this question, I knew how to respond. As I was leaving, all I could do was laugh. It was like nothing I head before. I didn’t expect it from a burger place. But it was one tasty burger.

It made me think about back home and if we have a similar question. I couldn’t think of one for the longest time, then it hit me. Coke! Duh! Back home, when you order a coke, they ask “what kind?” they want to know Dr. Pepper, Coca Cola, Sprite, etc. Here, I ask for a coke, I get a Coke (or a Pepsi, depending on what they have), despite if that’s what I wanted.

I wanted Sprite damn it!

Or Red or Green?

I’m a Green person. ๐Ÿ™‚


I apologize for the lack of post for the past week. I decided to take some time off for the Holidays, prep for the new job, spend time with family, all of that good stuff.

We have had a great week, a great Thanksgiving and a great start to the new job. We tried a local sushi place, it was good, I know there has to be better in the area. I also enjoyed my FIRST stuffed sopapilla. Then enjoyed my second and third stuffed sopapilla. If you can’t tell, I am really enjoying them!

During this time, I have also done a lot of exploring of the city. Okay, really more of driving around the city. Today alone I have been to the Northeast side, Southeastern Heights, and the South Valley. I have seen a lot of stuff.

I found the skate park (not that I skateboard or anything, but it was wayyyy better and fancier than the one back home). And I saw this weird giant statue of a cowboy with no arms. I took a picture of it, and will post it with this later, after I upload those pictures.

Now a quick rundown of Turkey Day. This was the first Thanksgiving I have spent away from my family. It was strange, just because my parents and brother and aunt and uncle weren’t there. But it wasn’t that weird, I was with family, just a part of the family I didn’t know. It was my honey’s family, but none the less, they are family. We cleaned the whole house, prepped the potatoes, made cookies, cleaned up AFTER everyone left. It was a chore, but really enjoyable too.

I don’t normally go shopping on Black Friday, too many people, just insanity I don’t enjoy being around. But we did it. We went last year, but waited until like 3pm to go. Well this year, we went around noon, Mistake!!!! We went to ABQ Uptown, which is really nice, and I can’t wait to go back when things have died down.

While we were there, we went to Elephant Bar, it was not what we were expecting. I guess we thought it would be a typical bar, but it was nice, fancy, and really cool. We had really good service. And the food wasn’t bad either. I got a burger and fries, it was a really good burger. And my honey got a hilly cheese-steak with mac and cheese. The Philly was okay, not the best, Ozzy’s in Savannah has the best Philly. But their mac and cheese, that stuff was delicious!!!

I would say it’s getting late, time to go to bed, but really I am just exhausted and need to unwind a little.


Sorry it’s been a few days. It has been terribly busy around here. I got the job, so yay!

Something that has been….bothering me… come to my attention, however you want to put it, is the weather, climate, dry air.

Since I’ve been here, just over a week, I’ve had to adjust to the new climate. It’s been pretty cold, you know about 35 degrees. I would normally say that it is absolutely freezing and I would be wearing gloves, a hat, scarf, heavy coat, jeans (more than likely with tights or leggings on underneath) and boots. Where I am from you need all of that when it gets that cold, only because it get in your bones, and that happens because it’s so humid. Now by the time noon hits, it’s warmed up, but the humidity keeps that cold chill. Out here, I’ve been doing okay with a sweater and sometimes a hat and scarf, maybe a heavy coat. But the whole warming up half way through the day holds true here too.

This isn’t the strangest part for me. I’m use to weird weather. Hot weather. Cold weather. More than anything, I’m use to HUMID weather.

Out here, it’s not humid. Far from it. My body is taking a stand and is not use to this treatment. I already drink water like a fish, but now I have to drink even more (gotta stay hydrated my friends!). Not only that, but my skin is dry. I itch constantly, I’ve been putting on lotion at least once a day (body butter and cream is more hydrating than regular lotion) sometimes twice (only if using regular body lotion). My lips are dry and cracked, but I’m fixing that with, again drinking water, and good ole Chapstick.

Also, my hair. Oh my hair. My hair is strange, it is straight, sort of. It can be wavy at times, or straight, or both, or just a weird tangled, poofy mess. But since moving to a place that has pretty much zero humidity, it’s not so poofy. It takes half the time to dry. It stays, however I style it, it stays. It is glorious.

So despite the dry air that is causing dry skin, it is doing wonders for my hair!

Silver lining in everything.


Yesterday was a long day, as was today. Yesterday we went to dinner at Garcia’s. It was very good! Family advised to have the chile peppers on the side since we weren’t use to them, but I got my burrito smothered in them….. mmmm so tasty!

Later we went to go see Interstellar at Regal Winrock. Impressive movie theater really. The chairs rock and sort of recline. It was comfy. The movie on the other hand, wasn’t my favorite. If they shaved off maybe 45 minutes of it, then maybe I had liked it more. I did like the robots in it though. TARS and CASE were quite entertaining.

Today, we spent the day at the school, but that is okay. We were able to see a new part of town, which I am excited to explore more later this weekend, all the shops and there is a different pet shop up there that I am interested in checking out.

At this point, I’ve seen almost all of the Northeast section of ABQ. It’s been fun and interesting and every time I see more, I want to explore more and do more. It’s been exhausting, absolutely, but I want to be a tourist here for a while before I’m the full fledged resident and Southwestern girl.

Also had some Chick-fil-a today. It was good to have some delicious chicken that I know and love oh so much! Made me think of home. ๐Ÿ™‚


I apologize for not posting the past couple of days. I was down for the count on Monday, not feeling well. Which would make for great time for blogging, but I didn’t feel up to it. And would have nothing to chat about!

Yesterday was much of the same.

But a few fun things did occur! I got to Skype with my bestie, she is back in GA. We are already planning her visit out here. It’s not like it hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen each other, we were already living in different cities, but I miss her. Only good thing is that now that we are living in different time zones we may actually get to talk to each other! For the longest time our jobs and schooling (for her) schedules did not go together very well, so we just communicated via voicemail and text message.

More good news, I have a job interview tomorrow! Yay! I think it’ll go well. And all of our stuff is unpacked and is slowly finding a place, right now it all has a place, but it may not stay there long.

More tomorrow. I’m tired.